Jun 6, 2024



Sports- and health innovation in Trondheim

Showcasing Innovation at the Forefront of Sports and Health Technology in Trondheim

Norwegian Sport Tech is proud to present an upcoming seminar that will spotlight the burgeoning innovations emerging from our sports and health incubator in Trondheim. This event is dedicated to celebrating the inventive spirit that flourishes in our region and to discuss how we can bolster our commitment to sports and health technology even further.

Join us as we unveil the promising ventures that are taking shape within the incubator, cultivated by the brightest minds in the field. We'll explore the successes, the potential, and the future of health and sports technology, as driven by our vibrant community of innovators.

This seminar is not just an exhibition of progress; it is a call to action. Together, we will contemplate the strategies and collaborations necessary to sustain and amplify our region's impact in the technology sphere.

Stay tuned for more information on this landmark event, where the confluence of health, sports, and technology will set the stage for an exciting journey ahead.

Further details are forthcoming, and we eagerly anticipate your participation in what promises to be a transformative dialogue for Trondheim and beyond.


Headquarter: Snøfonna 1, 1470 (6th Floor @ Igloo Innovation) Lørenskog/Norway

Incubator: Trondheim Dybdahlsveg 5, 7051 Trondheim, Norway

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