Norwegian Sport Tech is Norway's foremost network for sports technology, leading innovation and collaboration in the field. Renowned for driving advancements, fostering knowledge exchange, and fueling industry growth, we stand at the forefront of this transformative landscape.







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One of the main activities of Norwegian Sport Tech is to make, update and distribute information about the Norwegian Sport Tech Ecosystem.

Please help us by registering your relevant data. Together, we make relevant data about the Norwegian Sports Tech Ecosystem that will give increased value for all stakeholders. It takes 2 minutes. Push the red button above to get to the form.

Please utilise the aggregated information to connect with fellow sports tech businesses (final ecosystem to be published late 2023).

Our partnerships are the cornerstone of our community, fostering an environment of mutual growth, learning, and innovation.

Our network spans across industry leaders, pioneering startups, academic institutions, and forward-thinking organizations, all united with a common goal—to drive progress and excellence in sports technology.

Membership is for Norwegian entities, organizations and individual sports tech enthusiasts, and is FREE.


Headquarter: Snøfonna 1, 1470 (6th Floor @ Igloo Innovation) Lørenskog/Norway

Incubator: Trondheim Dybdahlsveg 5, 7051 Trondheim, Norway

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