May 6, 2024

14:30 - 15:30

Zoom: link to be announced soon!

AI in Sports Tech #1: AI Basics for Sports Tech

AI in Sports» is a series of meetings where we address various aspects of AI in sports and active health. This first time, we take a general approach to artificial intelligence through AI tools that are useful to know about and to be able to use for those who organize sports and active health activities.

Unlock the Potential of AI in Sports: A Groundbreaking Event for Enthusiasts and Professionals

Join us for an exclusive event that merges the cutting-edge world of artificial intelligence with the dynamic field of sports performance and analytics. This is a unique opportunity to dive into the transformative impact of AI on sports, from grass-root levels to professional arenas.

  • Introduction to AI and Machine Learning
    Kick-off the event with an insightful lecture on the basics of AI and machine learning. This session will lay the foundation for understanding the core concepts that are revolutionizing industries worldwide. Key Note Speaker: TBC.

  • Case Studies: AI’s Role in Sports Analysis and Performance Monitoring
    Delve into real-world applications of AI in sports with industry and academic experts. Explore how AI-driven analytics are not just changing the game, but are enhancing the capabilities of athletes and coaches in pursuit of excellence. Key Note Speaker: TBC.

  • Ethical Considerations in the Use of AI in Sports
    This critical segment will address the ethical dimensions of AI application in sports. What are the implications for fairness, privacy, and the essence of competition? Engage in a thought-provoking discussion on the responsible use of technology in the athletic domain. Key Note Speaker: TBC.

Don’t miss out on this event that promises to enlighten, engage, and inspire. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, sports professional, or an academic, there's something for everyone who is looking to understand the future of sports through the lens of AI.

Reserve your spot today and be part of the conversation that's shaping the future of sports!


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